Northford Generosity:  Paying it Forward
02 Nov

Northford Generosity: Paying it Forward

Like a number of Connecticut towns, Northford is the gracious host to a new residential community represented by Calcagni Real Estate. As the company’s familiarity with the town expanded, so too did their determination to match the kindness of Northford’s motivational inhabitants.

Following the tragic death of her 18-year-old son Matt in 2009, Lynn Riordan developed a benevolent mission:  Building a Northford food pantry to aid the hungry in Matt’s name. This was, Riordan believed, an opportunity to display gratitude for the compassion she received from her hometown, and to reciprocate with a thoughtful gesture of her own. Lynn founded the food bank in the back of Northford’s Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church at 1311 Middletown Avenue, and with the generosity of local volunteers and businesses, doors opened on June 6th of this year.

Unloading the car Lisa-Maryam unloading foodStocked shelvesMaking donation

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